About Bhowali

Bhowali is a junction army town situated on the outskirts of Nainital – Initially famous for the Word Renowned Kainchi Dham Mandir and the Army Cantonment it acts as major Y junction between Nainital / Mukteshwar and Ranikhet it has also recently maps become a hot tourist destination as it gives direct access to Nainital without the crazy traffic James and parking problems tourists are faceting there. Bhawali offers tourists a great location to live in with access to Sattal Lake and a hike along the route to Ghorakal temple – Bhowali is also famous for paragliding activities as the main jump site is under Ghrakhal temple.

What is Bhowali famous for?

While the town itself has little to offer it’s a very central point in Nainital District that makes it ideally located for those doing 3 to 5 day getaways in the area- it helps avoid the crazy traffic James and parking problems of Nainital while giving visitors more flexibility to explore more than just Nainital Town
Bhowali also has a lovely tea estate that leads to Ghorakhal temple also known as the Ghanti Mandir which is very unique in its existence. One thing for travelers to note is that Bhowali is a valley town so high mountain cliffs are limited in the Area, its situated at 1700 meters around 400 meters lower than Nainital which makes it more ideal as the weather is never extreme in this area

Traveling to Bhawali

When traveling to Bhowali its best to avoid the Nainital route which climbs up via Kaldungi instead stick to the main highway until you get to Haldwani and then move towards Bhimtal Lake from Kadgodam Junction – Restaurant Like Udipiwali outside Katgodam are a great place to take a small break before you start the climb up – toward Bhimtal, Bhowali is just 8 KM Away.

Traveling to Bhawali